Life Technologies

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As part of a multi-year effort to overhaul the global customer experience, Life Technologies set out to transform its order-to-cash process and converge several customer websites.

But how do you manage the change among 9,000 employees worldwide? How do you educate them about the impact, change their behavior, and maintain productivity? How do you align internal communications with the external brand?

To help in this task, the company retained Cason Lane. As a member of the company’s transformation team, we provided employee communications counsel and developed a communication plan for each organizational function. Serving as a guide for functional leaders, each plan described the impact on different departments and detailed the strategy, including audience segmentation, key messages, tactics and measurement techniques.

Our work:

  • Stakeholder interviews
  • Internal communication strategy & advisory services
  • Collaboration with change management teams
  • Development of supporting communications
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