SPAWAR (now known as NAVWAR) is a U.S. Navy command that provides technology to the military. In some parts of the organization, employees and customers didn’t understand the strategic direction or how they fit in. In another part of the organization, which was created in a merger of three different Navy commands, leadership wanted to build a new organizational identity from the inside out.

In response, SPAWAR engaged Cason Lane. Combining principles of strategic communication, change management, research and branding, we brought multiple stakeholders to the table to articulate a new organizational identity and strategic direction. Then we developed communication strategies and messaging playbooks for engaging internal and external stakeholders.

As a result, SPAWAR increased internal productivity and alignment to the strategic direction, while enhancing its reputation and position in the Navy marketplace.

Our work:

  • Stakeholder research & assessment
  • Consulting for senior management
  • Internal and external communication strategy
  • Value proposition and positioning
  • Strategic messaging
  • Leadership presentations to gain stakeholder buy-in
  • Tactical planning
  • Copy and creative direction
  • Techniques for measuring effectiveness
Communications Planning

Communications Planning

We developed internal and external plans for PEO C4I and SSC Atlantic, engaging employees and the fleet in a new strategic direction.
Messaging Strategy

Messaging Strategy

To help SPAWAR organizations stay on message and communicate strategically, Cason Lane developed award-winning communication playbooks for PEO C4I and SSC Atlantic.
Brand Communications

Brand Communications

We took a branding approach to SPAWAR’s communications, developing a value proposition and conveying it through a tag line and other communications to increase awareness and understanding.
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